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Since established in 1959, to cope with our customers' various requirements, Jeil Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. has promoted the modernization of our facilities, such as continuous new technology development for high precision and high quality including updated facility investment.

Furthermore, our developed resources and specialists are readily available to comply with any specific demands or specifications. We have been doing all the process of design, development, production,installation, sales and servicing in rigid compliances with ISO-9001 Quality Management System, which enables us to enjoy full confidence from our customers on our technology and quality.

Moreover, we acquired the ISO 14001 Certificate for quality assurance and make the utmost endeavors to surpass the quality level of international standard.

Especially, all our staffs and employees are doing all their best in return for our customer's warm and kind support and encouragement to achieve our goals, such as high precision, high quality and short term delivery, and we promise that we will repay for our customer's support and encouragement.

We hope our customers continually keep on giving their instruction and advice.

Date of
May 10, 1959
Head office & Factory 471-2, Songjeong-ri, Mado-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea
T E L 82 - 31 - 366 - 8451
F A X 82 - 31 - 366 - 8458
Total Capital US$ 20million
Number of employees 96 person
Total ground site 13,780 ㎡
[ Floor space : 6,639.72㎡]
Production item Injection Mold
(TV, Monitor, Home & Office Appliance, Auto Parts etc.)