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The factor according to a mold structure The factor according to a injection condition
runner, gate is too small
long distance between gate and weld
gas deflating badness
resin and mold temperature is low
slow injection speed

Item General injection Steam mold injection Remark
(AS General Resin)
76.7 83.4 Execially, gloose differences
Glass Fiber Resin - - G/F resin is unsuitable Apperance without coating but same as general resin with sream injection
Background Removing a faulty surface was remained as a problem to be solved, such as Weld line, flow mark, bad printability, bad gloss on a product appearance.
To cover a faulty appearance, after producing goods of cover front
- sanding with machine on surface of goods before coating on the cover front, sanding with paper by hand.
- put urethane coating(painting), Clear Coating, Transparency Acrylc Sheet to give high gloss effect
to solve the problems
- introduced developed technology “Weldless mold” and localized.
Purpose Introducing and localizing the technology“Weldless mold”make quality and grade on appearance better.
- Cost reduction by using the product as itself eliminating urethane
coating, Clear Coating and transparency Acrylc Sheet .
- keeping maintenance high quality and grade, shortening develop period.